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I'd come to your party even if you didn't have a cake.

I don't want this rumor to spread too far, so that people get the wrong impression of me, but I would go to some people's parties even if they didn't have a cake. For example, I'd go to Maria Popova's party even if she didn't have a cake.

She founded Brain Pickings, a source of endless amounts of beautiful & inspiring things. If that sounds like your jam then Brain Pickings is the place to be. (You can even get a newsletter sent to you every Sunday!! Sundays can be bittersweet, but this newsletter definitely falls into the sweet category!!)

I could go on and on about all of the beautiful things she has inspired & introduced & reaffirmed about the beauty in life & art & science, but I'll just name one today: I'll Be You and You Be Me by Ruth Krauss & illustrated by Maurice Sendak

Every single page is quirky and random and so cute that you just want to squish its cheeks, if only books had squishy cheeks.

I fell in love hard and I bought it. Now, I introduce it to others whenever I get the idea that they may enjoy it just as much as me, or at least humor me ;) Below is a teeny tiny nugget of one of the pages of the books.

And while all of this is true, if you are having a party that does have cake, let me know and I'll be there too ;)

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