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Warm Danish Love

Hygge, from everything that I understand this Danish word to be, is everything I want for myself, my home, and frankly, every one else in life. In fact, it's pretty much why I do art as well. Making art feels like hygge, my pieces have to feel like hygge upon completion, and hopefully hygge is translated to the viewer in some capacity when connecting with my work.

The definition/translation of hygge that I've latched onto was written by a woman named Claire O'Neill a few years back. I've had her summation of Hygge hand written on a small piece of paper and hanging in my home ever since I first read it. I'm happy just looking at.

Though this small piece of paper has served as a great reminder, I've been working on different versions of this piece in a slightly larger scale. I don't usually incorporate words into my artwork, but it's an important element for this one in particular.

As I've worked on different iterations for myself, I've thought that others may want a little Hygge in their lives as well! So, I'm working on a limited edition print all about Hygge, and I can't wait for it to be completed!

Is Hygge something that speaks to you too? Stay tuned! And, in the meantime, feel free to pop over to the artwork page to see if any hygge art pops out at you ;)

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